Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The new house!

After looking at well over 30 houses over the last couple months...We found the house! We think! It is a house we saw when we first came out & thought we didn't like it because the master suite is upstairs & the boys bedrooms would be downstairs. I don't know if they are ready to be so far away, so we are going to have them share a room. They are very excited about getting bunk beds! We went back & looked at it three times to be sure it was "the one". The house is almost totally re-done on the inside & they let us pick out the shingle color for the new roof they are putting on! We will add a great big layered deck to the back yard & we are talking about adding a fancy pergola to the front& adding a patio area --since it doesn't have my "very southern front porch" that every house in the south should have! Everything is going as planned and we will hopefully close escrow the second week in August...a week before everyone starts the new school year at the NEW school! This should be very interesting. I have a plan to be very organized. Making sure we at least know where new uniforms & books & school supplies are at all times! I figure if I can just keep track of that stuff we can start school & I can have at least 4 hours a day by myself to organize the new house. Sounds like paradise to me!
I entered a giveaway for a cute return address stamp at Whitney Caroline Designs....& I won! And she was so sweet to wait until we -for sure- have the house to make my new stamp. Can you imagine ordering a cute stamp for a house you didn't get to buy for some reason? Hopefully I can place my order in a couple of weeks. I am so excited--they are really cute stamps! I am going to have a hard time deciding on a design.
And...the most important thing for today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDY! The boys & I had so much fun making "Surprise cookie cupcakes" & bringing them to the office @ school to share with everyone, and then shopping for a gift! Since we already gave him his presents (it is so hard to wait for anything exciting when you are 6 & 4!) I'll tell you what we got! The most socks & even white socks! Woohoo!... a new aluminum water bottle, and a really cool case w/ stainless steel grilling tools from Williams/Sonoma outlet (very fancy & a super good deal!). Tonight we are going out to eat a Applebee's for dinner. Our awesome realtor back in Phoenix (Bob Reno...if you are looking for a great realtor...he did a great job for us. Sold our house in 4 this economy that is really good. ) gave us a gift card as a thank you/going away gift! So, thanks for dinner Bob!

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