Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maybe if we click our heals!

This morning before school, Keenan looked at me & said..."Mom, I wish our house was all done selling & we were already moved to Memphis." I can't believe he is smart enough to know just having a sold sign in your front yard does not mean your work is done! While we were visiting Memphis last week the inspector & buyer came by the house to do their thing. The inspector tripped the breakers & turned off the irrigation system (it has been 100 degrees for the last 2 weeks) & neglected to re-set the system! Our poor flower beds with new plants didn't get water for almost a week before Andy noticed why our plants were dying! Then to top it off "somebody" used our master bath toilet & left a yellow spot on the back of the seat...I'll let you figure out what that might have been! I can't even tell you how much it bothered me to have to clean that spot! A little background...I grew up the only girl with 3 brothers & now I am the only girl living with 2 little boys & a all boys have bad aim & not notice spots on the toilet? Or am I just extremely picky about a clean toilet? I am guessing it is probably a little bit of both!
I am off to buy end of the year teacher gifts (I can't believe there are only 4 days left of school!) and a chimney cap for the fireplace....I like to picture the fireplace with a new top hat, but that is my crazy imagination!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

House Proud

Yesterday we had our 3rd open house. That would be the 3rd open house in 3 consecutive weeks. I can not believe how many people have come through the house during the week. I have been trying really hard to make sure the house looks perfect when I leave to go anywhere! I have only been caught off guard twice...once when I had ground beef defrosting in the sink & once when I left the mop in the kitchen. Everything has to be in the correct place or adjusted just the right way, otherwise it drives me CRAZY! I wipe down the sinks & faucets every time I leave the house. I have to stop at Trader Joe's to get fresh flowers every week(something I think I will continue after we sell the house & move...Love having fresh flowers in the house!). I have officially become Bree VanDeCamp (think Desperate Housewives!) Before the "Memphis migration" started I had given up on having a clean house. That kind of house that people can just stop by & I am not shoving things into the closet or garage right before they get here. With two boys under the age of 6 and one husband who likes to relax when he gets home from work & would rather "take care of it later", I had just given up. It was too hard to care that the counter was full of clutter when every time I cleaned it...the next day the clutter would reappear in the same spot. But, now I know it is possible to keep the house immaculately clean for a whole month (that is how long our house has been on the market). I am taking a vow, right now, that my house will not fall into the "clutter canyon" again! It is too hard to climb out of it, & I LOVE having a house to be proud of when people come over to visit!
We might have an offer on the house! To be continued....