Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am thankful for laundry...

Now, notice the title of this post is not...I LOVE to DO laundry. I actually hate to do laundry. My dryer takes at least 2 or more hours to dry a normal sized load, & towels...don't get me started! Putting the clothes away is probably my biggest challenge. Clothes usually end up on top of a dresser for my husband, or on the floor for my boys. It never seems to get into the drawers!
But, I AM thankful for laundry...
...That I have clothes to wash.
...That my husband works hard to make money & I can stay home to take care of my family & buy their clothes & wash their clothes.
...That I have a husband & two sons who need laundry done for them.
...That my family is healthy enough to go out & get the clothes dirty so I can wash them.
...That I have clean water to use to wash the clothes.
...That I have a washer & dryer to do the laundry in my own house.
...That I have electricity to run the washer & dryer.
...That I have the physical ability to do the laundry.
...That I can pack my laundry(hopefully clean!) & move it to our new home in Memphis & know that whatever happens I will always have the love of my family, & their laundry to do!
...That my God loves me so much, He put me into this world and gave me all the things I really need...including laundry.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And so it begins!

Who knew I would have my own blog? I have been gathering so many favorites in my google reader the last year & been such a big time lurker that I actually feel guilty! I thought maybe I could start this blog to record our life as we begin the big move across the country from Arizona to Tennessee!
The title: Just off Utopia...Well, that is an easy one! We live just off Utopia Road! And I figure, when we move to Tennessee this summer we will still be...just off Utopia. Webster's dictionary definition for utopia: an ideal place or state. We have many days of utopia here in AZ, but most days are just a little off utopia!
So, here goes the big adventure! We are in for a fun ride!