Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

What is in store for 2011? I am hoping for good things (obviously), but also things that will help me grow...

  • Spiritually: finding a good church that the whole family will be happy with.

  • Friendships: as the old girl scout song goes..."make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver & the other gold!" I want to work on making new friends & but also reconnect with some people who are still important to me, I have just been a lazy friend & not made the time to keep the friendships strong.

  • Family: no..not grow as in expand! I want us to grow in respect & joy for each other. I think we have gotten lazy in our desire for a strong family. Just like friendships, we need to be consciously working on keeping up with the ins & outs with this family!

  • FUN: my family is pretty good at going along with my "planned activities" (see next post on our New Year's Eve activities), but I would like to be better at just getting out on the weekend & riding bikes, or walking by the river, or finding new places to hike. This goes along with my "eat less, move more" goal...if my family is involved it should be easier, right!

  • Document: I want to be better at documenting our lives. Maybe more pictures, writing down the stories so we don't forget, better blog posts (with stories & pictures!).
  • Crafting: you know that question..."If it didn't matter how much money you made, what would you want to do?" My answer is always crafting. I love creating things with fabric, or paper or paint. Over the Christmas holiday my wonderful husband & father-in-law made a big craft table for me out of a door they bought at Home Depot! (Once we stain it I will post a picture!) I think this improved craft space will help me with this goal...I may even get some things on my empty etsy page! My In-laws also gave me a Cricut Create cutter (yes, they are wonderful to me & I totally appreciate them) The Cricut was the incentive to work on improving my craft space!
  • Decorating: Kind of the same as crafting...I love it, but I want everything to be perfect so sometimes I don't even start a project for fear that it won't turn out like I expect. This is the worst kind of perfectionest! I think this deserves a whole blog post of its own!
  • and last, but not least...get a dog...will it happen this year? Only time will tell!