Monday, May 4, 2009

House Proud

Yesterday we had our 3rd open house. That would be the 3rd open house in 3 consecutive weeks. I can not believe how many people have come through the house during the week. I have been trying really hard to make sure the house looks perfect when I leave to go anywhere! I have only been caught off guard twice...once when I had ground beef defrosting in the sink & once when I left the mop in the kitchen. Everything has to be in the correct place or adjusted just the right way, otherwise it drives me CRAZY! I wipe down the sinks & faucets every time I leave the house. I have to stop at Trader Joe's to get fresh flowers every week(something I think I will continue after we sell the house & move...Love having fresh flowers in the house!). I have officially become Bree VanDeCamp (think Desperate Housewives!) Before the "Memphis migration" started I had given up on having a clean house. That kind of house that people can just stop by & I am not shoving things into the closet or garage right before they get here. With two boys under the age of 6 and one husband who likes to relax when he gets home from work & would rather "take care of it later", I had just given up. It was too hard to care that the counter was full of clutter when every time I cleaned it...the next day the clutter would reappear in the same spot. But, now I know it is possible to keep the house immaculately clean for a whole month (that is how long our house has been on the market). I am taking a vow, right now, that my house will not fall into the "clutter canyon" again! It is too hard to climb out of it, & I LOVE having a house to be proud of when people come over to visit!
We might have an offer on the house! To be continued....

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